IDOSANIT. Bathroom Fittings
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    Category: Commode
    Brand: IDOSANIT


    Garman Standard



    Rated VoltageAC 220/50Hz
    Rated Power1600W
    Washing Functions / Water Flow 
    Rear200-800 ml/min
    Bidet200-800 ml/min
    Defaecate200-700 ml/min
    Washing Functions 
    Outlet TempHome temp/35°C / 38°C / 41°C (4 levles) 
    pressure3 levles
    Time required5 second ( Base on inlet water tamp )
    Heating Power1600W (max)
    Safety device flow sensor, temp sensor, temp control, relay
    Backflow prevention retaining valve
    Wind tempHome temp /45°C / 55°C / 65°C
    Air Rate>0.2m³/min
    Heating Power200w/205w
    Safty Device Sensitive switch, temp fuse
    Seat heating 
    seat temphome temp/35°C / 38°C /41°C ( 4levles) 
    Heating Power 47w
    Safty Device Sensitive switch, temp fuse
    Typenano precious metal oxide catalyst technology
    Moving Washing 1.5cm each for forward and backward
    Massagestrong and weak spaced vortex bubbles
    Nozzle Positionadjustable for forward and backward
    inlet water temphome temp~40°C
    Inlet pressure0.7-7.5khf-cm²(0.7-0.75mpa)
    Carton Size768mmX505mmX565mm
    After-sale Service : Online technical support, Onsite Installation, Onsite Training, Onsite Inspection, Free spare parts, NONE

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